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Hoarding Cleanup and Extreme Cleaning Services


We will help guide you.

Hoarding and extreme cleaning situations call for professionalism and compassion. Rely on the experience of ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration, a team that you can trust. We understand how stressful it can be dealing with a hoarding situation when it involves your family or a loved one. You don’t have to worry any longer, we will help guide you through this difficult process.

What is hoarding?

Hoarding is the result of an anxiety disorder that leads to an attachment of items, regardless of their value, making it very difficult to discard or throw out any possessions. Over time this person’s home or living space becomes so cluttered it will become virtually unrecognizable.

Hoarding can lead to a hazardous environment.

If the hoarding situation progresses, it can cause mold, fire hazards, or other health hazards. The buildup of items can also cause infestations from insects or even rodents. Large stacks of clutter become potentially dangerous fire hazards if they are consisting of paper or fabrics. The build up of clutter can also trap moisture and can cause permanent damage to flooring and other structures in the property.

Not sure where to start? Call ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration.

Start by calling our experts at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration. We know how to help when the situation becomes severe and overwhelming.We have experience in dealing with all types of hoarding situations. We have the necessary equipment and safety protection to effectively clean any hoarding situation. We are professionally trained and certified to properly clean, sanitize, and salvage items. We will restore your property to restore your peace of mind.

A property that is affected by hoarding can be dangerous and unhealthy. Trust our experts at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration to restore the situation with care. For reliable and professional hoarding cleanup services, call us today!